Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish Steve

Open: Jim South

Steve vs. Steve for The Championship! - 2/02/08

Hoping for that year of Pierre to get going? Well, you're going to have to wait until next month! It looked like Chris Johnson was going to repeat in the second game of the year, but the two Steves ended up as the final two players. Several players were still alive late into the game, but after the second break many of them were eliminated as the blinds increased.

Head-to-head play came down to Steve Pait and Irish Steve Moorman and this was no minor competition. Irish came back from a small stack to even the game up and then play continued for another 45 minutes. The lead changed hands several times, but eventually Irish won when his dominated hand drew out to a straight.

See everyone next month and for those of you playing in the football pool, the board is posted below!

February 2nd Tournament
1st: Irish Steve Moorman
2nd: Steve Pait
3rd: Chris Johnson
4th: Dick Rebozzi
5th: Mike Allen
6th: Jim South
7th: Amy Allen
8th: Mike Lassalle
9th: Mike Dr. Bell
10th: Kevin All-in Wu
11th: Jim Moorman
12th: Fancy Dan Shahin
13th: May Patio
14th: Brian Garcia
15th: Damon Ducks Rivera
16th: LA!
17th: Chris Hill
18th: Pierre Lassalle
19th: Donald Glaude