Bonus Winners
Slot: Damon Rivera

Open: Dan Shahin

LLWSOP Celebrates Gina Galza Day! - 02/03/07

Of course, there's no such thing as Gina Galza Day, but it sure seemed like it at the poker table. If you wagered your chips against the "Poker Wrecking Ball" they were sure to be gone. She eliminated most of the players at the final table and at one point, she knocked out two at the same time! Her stack wavered when it got down to three players, but you were foolish to believe that she would have anything less than victory. Come on! It was Gina Galza Day!

We started with 24 players spread between three different tables and competition was pretty tight for the final table. I was lucky enough to have weakness to my left and without his pocket twos, Damon "Ducks" Rivera was first out when it got down to ten players. The Rebozzi clan finished well with Steve taking fourth and Dick taking third place. Jim "secret-weapon" Moorman ran out of bullets and took second place when he went up against Gina's stack.

This month, we started our head-to-head tournament and Dan, Jim and the Dr. won their first games. It looks like the new tournament is going to give everyone some great competition, so check the board and see when you can play your next opponent.

See you next month!

Feb 3rd Tournament
1st: Gina Galza
2nd: Jim Moorman
3rd: Dick Rebozzi
4th: Steve Rebozzi
5th: Jim South
6th: Shawn Gray
7th: "Irish" Steve Moorman
8th: Mike Allen
9th: chris Johnson
10th: Damon "Ducks" Rivera
11th: Steve Pait
12th: Teymour Ansari
13th: Kevin "all-in" Wu
14th: Mike Lassalle
15th: Dan Shahin
16th: Curt Senser
17th: Amy Allen
18th: Marcus Aurelius
19th: Mike "Dr." Bell
20th: Shannon McNally
21th: LA!
22th: Tabi-Roni
23th: Bibi Ansari
24th: Donald Glaude