Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Gina Garza

Open: Jim Moorman

All-in Wu Finds Redemption! - 2/06/10

Kevin Wu has been waiting around to win this game for a long time now and with his investment in all the hands he has played at Garden City, it was about time for him to find his victory. It was not an easy win though because after the final table was seated, it took a very long time for anyone to be eliminated. It looked like Ken Low might have enough winning momentum for back-to-back victories, but he eventually finished on the bubble. Chris Hill lasted past the second break, past the final table bubble and landed in the money this month! Two handed play came down to Jim South and Kevin Wu after Bonnie took third place.

With the second game in the books, the points leaders include a few names that have fallen just short of the top eight positions in the last few years. Jim South's second place finish has him in third overall. After bubbling the points board, Damon Ducks Rivera has a solid spot in fourth place and a few other new names include Jim Moorman Dr. Bell and Gina Garza. It should be an interesting season as we add more games to the totals!

February 6th Tournament
1st: Kevin All-in Wu
2nd: Jim South
3rd: Bonnie Edens
4th: Chris Hill
5th: Ken Low
6th: Brian Crews
7th: Gina Garza
8th: Fancy Dan Shahin
9th: Amy Allen
10th: Dick Rebozzi
11th: Mike Dr. Bell
12th: Damon Ducks Rivera
13th: Mike Allen
14th: Jim Moorman
15th: Irish Steve Moorman
16th: Bobby Glaude
17th: Michael McDermand
18th: Donald Glaude
19th: Dave Sigua
20th: Jeff Mazzella
21st: Ben Eufemi
22nd: LA!
23rd: Ed Edens
24th: Steve Shuffleboy Pait
25th: Chris Johnson
26th: Shawn South