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Slot: LA!

Open: Ed Edens

Mike Sprugasci Deals His Own Victory! - 3/06/10

It didn't look like Mike Sprugasci was going to win the March tournament because Fancy Dan Shahin had a pretty good chip lead and Ken Low was continuing his strong finishes at the final table. During short-handed play, Steve Pait managed to pick up pocket aces vs. the ace/king of Ben Eufemi which gave Steve the big chip lead that Fancy Dan once held. Ken Low had another great tournament, but he couldn't manage to make it into the money with a bubble finish.

Sprugasci took some heat from the railbirds when he folded pocket eights to a pressure move from Ben Eufemi, but the move looked even worse when a rabbit flop showed an eight on the board. Despite the missed opportunity, Mike overcame Steve Pait's big chip lead in head-to-head action to take down the March tournament.

March 6th Tournament
1st: Mike Sprugasci
2nd: Steve Pait
3rd: Fancy Dan Shahin
4th: Ben Eufemi
5th: Ken Low
6th: Damon Ducks Rivera
7th: Mike Allen
8th: Gina Garza
9th: Chris Hill
10th: LA!
11th: Amy Allen
12th: Chris Johnson
13th: Jim South
14th: Ed Edens
15th: Jim Moorman
16th: Jeff Mazzella
17th: Bonnie Edens
18th: Dick Rebozzi
19th: Eugene KGB
20th: Kevin All-in Wu
21st: Irish Steve Moorman
22nd: Brian Crews
23rd: Michael McDermand