Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Gina

Open: LA!
9hi Strait Flush

It's the Mike Allen Show! - 3/07/09

Did you want to win the tournament this month? How about just the bounty? Well, you had no chance because it as the Mike Allen show at the March tournament. Not only did he take out Mr. Wu for the bounty, but he also defeated Shawn Gray for the monthly championship. Mr. Wu was not far behind the top spot though, taking fourth place and Mike Sprugasci hit the money with third.

The top hand of the night took place early in the tournament when Fancy Dan pushed all-in under the gun with a pretty large stack. It looked like it was going to fold around until the button called with a pair of queens. Dan flipped over the 2/7 of spades and we were off to a flop! With a 3,5,6 on the board, you could see how ugly a four would be to the pocket pair. No four on the turn, but the river... A four!

That's what you get when Dan doesn't have his coffee.

And, if you missed it, Kevin Wu stated for the record, "This year, I GUARANTEE that I'll be in the final eight game!" Well, there you go. It's in the record.

Mar 7th Tournament
1st: Mike Allen
2nd: Shawn Gray
3rd: Mike Sprugasci
4th: Kevin All-in Wu
5th: Gerald Hohn
6th: May Patio
7th: Jim South
8th: Damon Ducks Rivera
9th: Steve Pait
10th: Dick Rebozzi
11th: Brian Garcia
12th: Jim Moorman
13th: LA!
14th: Steve Rebozzi
15th: Jeff Mazella
16th: Amy Allen
17th: Chris Johnson
18th: Ben Eufemi
19th: Fancy Dan Shahin
20th: Carlos Garza
21st: Irish Steve Moorman
22nd: Gina Garza
23rd: Danielle Herzog
24th: Mike Dr. Bell
25th: Matt Johnson
26th: Donald Glaude
27th: Chris Hill
28th: Ken Low