Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Gina

Open: Damon Ducks Rivera
7 hi Straight Flush

Amy's Victory Tops a Night of Bad Beats! - 4/03/10

April was a strange month at the Little League World Series of Poker with all the talk revolving around how the worst hands were taking down the big pots. Normally, the great stories come from Donald Glaude's tables, but on this night the best hand was probably going to be the loser if you got your chips in the middle. At the final table, Matt Johnson pushed in with 2/7 offsuit and managed to catch a 2-2-7 flop for the win.

Even with all the land mines to dodge, Amy Allen was able to get into head-to-head action with her own husband and the bad beats continued there! In the final hand of play, Mike slow played his pocket queens into oblivion as Amy flopped a straight after limping in with 2/5. That was enough to give her the victory and bragging rights in the Allen household for the rest of the month!

April 3rd Tournament
1st: Amy Allen
2nd: Mike Allen
3rd: Jeff Mazzella
4th: Bonnie Edens
5th: Brian Crews
6th: Matt Johnson
7th: Irish Steve Moorman
8th: Brian Garcia
9th: Dave Sigua
10th: Ken Low
11th: Jim South
12th: LA!
13th: Ed Edens
14th: Donald Glaude
15th: Damon Ducks Rivera
16th: May Patio
17th: Alan Feldman
18th: Gina Garza
19th: Chris Johnson
20th: Michael McDermand
21st: Jim Moorman
22nd: Dick Rebozzi
23rd: Ben Eufemi
24rd: John Sunseri
25rd: Fancy Dan Shahin
26rd: Mike Sprugasci
27rd: Chris Hill
28rd: Kevin All-in Wu