Bonus Winners
Slot: Mike Dr. Bell

Open: All-In Wu

Wu Survives Past The First Break... Wins! - 04/14/07

What happened to the old days? Kevin would wander in ten to fifteen minutes late and then be finished about twenty minutes later! Lately, Mr. All-In has been lasting beyond the first break and this time, he made it all the way to the end! It might have been the extra starting chips, but it might just have been some poker skills that have been hiding under the surface somewhere!

Nineteen players started the April tournament and just over four hours later, we were down to Wu and Rebozzi for the championship. Of course, head-to-head play lasted about 45 seconds and Mr. Wu raked in the last pile of chips.

For those of you in the "Beat Shahin" fan club, the bounty was collected by LA! when she took him to the curb and dumped him like a box of old shoes. Of course, he had the sad face going, but it won't be long before we hear about his "new, secret strategy" that will undoubtedly defeat everyone.

Speaking of being defeated, I decided to donate my chips to the Duck of Death because I felt bad that he didn't get to play in the main event with me in Reno. The things I do for my players...

Don't forget - The next game is Saturday, May 5th! See you at the game!

Apr 14th Tournament
1st: All-In Wu
2nd: Dick Rebozzi
3rd: Duck of Death Rivera
4th: Mike Allen
5th: Jim South
6th: LA!
7th: Pierre Lassalle
8th: Amy Allen
9th: Jim Moorman
10th: Dan The Man Shahin
11th: Ken Low
12th: Chris Johnson
13th: Shawn Gray
14th: Steve Pait
15th: Irish Steve Moorman
16th: Mike Lassalle
17th: Mike Dr. Bell
18th: Chris Hill
19th: Jacen Rivera