Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish
Kigh Hi Flush

Open: LA

Irish Steve Defeats Half Of Field on way to Victory - 5/01/10

In April, the Allen clan dominated the tournament with Amy and Mike taking the top two positions. This month, it looked like the Edens would try to duplicate the effort with both Bonnie and Ed making it to the final five players. As the bubble loomed, almost 45 minutes went by without an elimination before Ed took the unlucky bubble spot. Jim South was the next player out and then Chris Hill took third place. (What happened to Chis being happy about merely making the first break?)

After eliminating almost half of the entire field, Irish Steve had one more opponent to beat as head-to-head action began with Bonnie. With her third cash in five games Bonnie had momentum but first place went to Irish when A/K took down the final hand.

May 1st Tournament
1st: Irish Steve Moorman
2nd: Bonnie Edens
3rd: Chris Hill
4th: Jim South
5th: Ed Edens
6th: Mike Sprugasci
7th: Steve Shuffleboy Pait
8th: Ben Eufemi
9th: Mike Allen
10th: Ken Low
11th: Damon Ducks Rivera
12th: Amy Allen
13th: Chris Johnson
14th: LA!
15th: Jeff Mazzella
16th: Dave Sigua
17th: Kevin All-in Wu
18th: Fancy Dan Shahin
19th: Stacey Adam
20th: Dick Rebozzi