Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Dr Bell

Open: Dr Bell

Mike Bell Takes No Prisoners! - 5/03/08

So, I'm playing in the open cash game before the tournament and I looked down to realize that all of my chips were gone! Scanning the table, it looked like everyone else suffered from the same realization. Where were all the chips? They were on Mike Bell's monster stack! And he wasn't done winning.

In tournament play, we were down to six players in a reasonable amount of time, but that's when play slowed to a crawl. The chip lead was passed around the table without an elimination for almost an hour. We thought about voting out one of the players, but eventually the blinds took over and we were down to Mike and Dave.

Dave had a huge chip lead and all he had to do was show Mike the door, but momentum was not on his side. Mike began to gather some small pots and after those added up, he took the chip lead when the board's four-straight fit perfectly with the 9 in his hand. A few hands later and Dave had disintegrated into second place.

Mike won the slot bonus, the open bonus, the tournament, and the most money in the open cash game. But, he didn't win the bounty!

May 3rd Tournament
1st: Mike Dr. Bell
2nd: Dave Sigua
3rd: Jim South
4th: Ken Low
5th: Mike Allen
6th: Sean Victorine
7th: Damon Ducks Rivera
8th: Donald Glaude
9th: Irish Steve Moorman
10th: Amy Allen
11th: Jim Moorman
12th: Mike Lassalle
13th: LA!
14th: Steve Pait
15th: Fancy Dan Shahin
16th: Chris Hill
17th: Carl Lombard
18th: Paul Chinn
19th: Kevin All-in Wu
20th: Kirk Bragas