Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Chris Hill
Kigh Hi Flush

Open: LA

Bonnie Cashes Again, Winning The June Tournament - 6/05/10

Bonnie has been consistently finishing in the momney this year with a 4th, 3rd and 2nd place finish in the first five months of the LLWSOP. This month, she was in the money once again, and as she faced Jim South in head-to-head action, her first victory was within sight. The chip lead changed hands a few times but Jim pushed the last of his chips in with A6 vs. Bonnie's K5 and a king on the flop gave her the June victory.

Ken Low finally dropped a few spots on the points board but only because he was not able to attend this month's game. It looks like we finally found a way to beat the man who has held the top spot for the first half of the season! With six games in the books, we still have six more games to go, so the final eight seats are still up for grabs!

June 5th Tournament
1st: Bonnie Edens
2nd: Jim South
3rd: Scott McDonald
4th: May Patio
5th: Dave Sigua
6th: Steve Shuffleboy Pait
7th: Irish Steve Moorman
8th: Eugene KGB
9th: John Sunseri
10th: Jeff Mazzella
11th: Jim Moorman
12th: Chris Hill
13th: LA!
14th: Ben Eufemi
15th: Ed Edens
16th: Mike Sprugasci
17th: Brian Garcia
18th: Fancy Dan Shahin
19th: Kevin All-in Wu