Bonus Winners
Slot: Jim South

Open: Damon Ducks Rivera

Jeff Mazzella Defeats Critics - 6/06/09

When you're playing in a poker tournament for eight hours and you're battling the final four players for the money, it's good to have some friends with you. That is unless you're Jeff Mazzella. As Jeff finished off the June table, he was flanked by Mike and Ben, who reminded him after each pot that he won that he was a terrible player! They did everything but poison his drink, but Jeff's chip stack was too big going into head-to-head action for anything less than victory.

Jim South came up with an interesting strategy going into this month's game that would have spared him from any kind of defeat at the tables. He toyed with the idea of simply sending us a check for the buy-in and saving the gas money for the month but he decided to show up for the game anyway. At one point, he had a pretty good sized stack, but the whole check idea was looking good again by the final table.

We seemed to be missing a bit of fear and loathing at the June tables, but it was mostly due to the absence of Donald Allinguy Glaude. The tables were still full by the second break, but eliminations increased by the seventh level. Despite the tauntings from the rail, Jeff was able to defeat Shawn for the June title.

We'll continue with the individual bounties next month and due to the 4th of July, the next game will be taking place on Saturday, July 11th!

June 6th Tournament
1st: Jeff Mazzella
2nd: Shawn Gray
3rd: Amy Allen
4th: Irish Steve Moorman
5th: Dick Rebozzi
6th: Dave Sigua
7th: Jim Moorman
8th: Brian Garcia
9th: Steve Suffleboy Pait
10th: Chris Johnson
11th: Mike Sprugasci
12th: Chris Hill
13th: Kevin All-in Wu
14th: Mike Allen
15th: Ben Eufemi
16th: Jim South
17th: Fancy Dan Shahin
18th: Damon Ducks Rivera
19th: May Patio
20th: LA!
21st: Gina Garza
22nd: Mike Dr. Bell
23rd: Dean Reno