Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish Steve

Open: LA!

Amy vs. Dan! - 7/12/08

Players at the July Little League World Series of Poker experienced a few first-time events for the game. This was the first time that someone was eliminated in the very first hand as Mike Lassalle found a quick exit with his pocket pair. It was also the first day of the "Fiscal Year of Pierre" which began with lukewarm fanfare as Pierre exited in 18th place. It was also the first time that Amy and Dan met in head-to-head action for the championship. After all of the waiting and all of the expectations, Amy was all over Dan like a cheap suit and Dan hit the rail in second place after just a few hands.

Speaking of cheap, I'm not even going to mention how my pocket queens got cracked by Dave's sevens, but... Oh, I just mentioned it! Sorry Dave, but since I write this, I get to complain. I'm not worried though because your 2nd place finish in June and your 3rd place finish this month just shows your sick downward momentum. It won't be long before we have you cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the trash.

But I digress.

July 12th Tournament
1st: Amy Allen
2nd: Fancy Dan Shahin
3rd: Dave Sigua
4th: Jim Moorman
5th: Chris Hill
6th: Irish Steve Moorman
7th: Shawn Gray
8th: Gina Garza
9th: Mike Dr. Bell
10th: LA!
11th: Mike Allen
12th: Dick Rebozzi
13th: Steve Pait
14th: Chris Johnson
15th: Kevin all-in Wu
16th: Ken Low
17th: Jim South
18th: Pierre Lassalle
19th: Paul Chinn
20th: JP Rebozzi
21st: Mike Lassalle