August Photos

Ken Low Wins Tournament & Points Lead! - 08/13/05

Ken Low has been hovering around at the final table since he showed up, but he's just never caught the right cards to win the big prize. This month, the river was flowing for Ken and he finally took down the whole tournament! With the big win, Ken also takes over the sole position at the top of the Little League World Series points board.

Everyone was sure that Damon was going to claim the victory with ease as he held a massive chip lead at the final table. He felt a little guilty about hogging all the chips, so he decided to give a few of them to some of the other players. This ended up going badly for Damon because when it was all done, he found himself in second place!

June 4th Tournament
1st: Ken Low
2nd: Damon Rivera
3rd: Tabi-Roni
4th: LA!
5th: Jim "Bad Beat" Moorman
6th: "All-in" Wu
7th: "Irish" Steve
8th: Bibi Ansari
9th: Dick Rebozzi
10th: Jeff Stolzoff
11th: Steve Rebozzi
12th: Jim South
13th: JP Rebozzi
14th: Mike Bell