New Tournament Champion for August! - 8/14/04

The August tournament was a little small, so we all agreed to double the buy-in for a little extra excitement. Mike Bell slowly took the chip lead in the early rounds and held a strong position throughout the competition. LA! also built up a large stack and it looked like she might challenge Bell for the top prize.

Towards the end of the tournament, I looked at pocket kings and after pushing all-in, I was surprised to be called by both Dan and Mike. This pot would have put me in the chip lead, but Mike flopped two pair with queens and jacks. That was enough to eliminate me and put a serious dent in Dan's stack.

Eventually, the contest came down to Mike and LA! and this would mean at least another back-to-back second place finish for LA! Mike's huge stack was too much to overcome and Mike finally won with a heart flush after getting the Queen and eight of hearts. It was a great victory for Mike and another strong second place finish for LA!