Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish Steve

Open: Kevin all-in Wu
A2345 Str8Flsh

South Wins; Wu gets Assist - 9/6/08

When it comes to poker, it always seems like the new guy wins in his first tournament. It looked like this was going to be the case as Ben Eufemi was riding a big stack as the final table began. Eliminations came quickly until the bubble and Irish Steve finally went out in fifth place. It wasn't long after that when we were treated to the most entertaining hand of the night. After it folded around to the last two players, Kevin pushed all-in and Jim South called quickly. All Kevin could say was "I'm so terrible at this game" as he turned over 6/7 off-suit and South took all but a few of Kevin's chips with the real hand.

Head-to-head action came down to Jim South and Ben Eufemi, but at this point in the game, Ben's big chip lead had erroded as the final table played out. Jim took the September championship in short action, but most agree that he owes Kevin for the late game assist.

Sep 6th Tournament
1st: Jim South
2nd: Ben Eufemi
3rd: Dave Sigua
4th: Kevin all-in Wu
5th: Irish Steve Moorman
6th: Damon Rivera
7th: Shawn Gray
8th: LA!
9th: Jim Moorman
10th: Chris Hill
11th: Mike Allen
12th: Mike Sprugasci
13th: Steve Pait
14th: Gina Garza
15th: Amy Allen
16th: Mike Dr. Bell
17th: Ken Low
18th: Dick Rebozzi
19th: Fancy Dan Shahin
20th: Paul Chinn