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Kevin Wu - November Tournament Winner! - 11/06/04

Ok. Everyone gave me a hard time that I wouldn't say anything about it here, but I was the first one eliminated from the tournament this month! There! It's over! But, it wasn't a bad hand to get knocked out with. I had "Big Slick" with Ace/King and after a good raise, Kevin was the only one to call me. The flop came out King/Jack/Five and when Kevin pushed his stack in, I thought I had him with top pair and the Ace kicker. No dice! Kevin had the Jack/Five for two pairs! I couldn't catch a card to help me and boom, I was out! What was Kevin holding that Jack/Five for anyway?

It looked like Mike Bell might make a move after playing a tight game, but he was also eliminated with a few other people when most of the table went all-in on the same hand. Kevin took a good chip lead on that hand and when head-to-head action started, it was against a familiar person!

Kevin and LA! battled it out for the championship, and everyone thought this was going to be the time that LA! was going to finally take first place. Kevin actually won the big pot with Ace high and took the cash prize! LA's only regret was that Rebozzi wasn't here so that she could beat him again...