Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Jim South

Open: Steve Rebozzi

Jeff Mazzella Closes Out 2009 With a Win! - 12/05/09

If you stuck around for the final table of the December game, you were rewarded with what Dave Sigua called the best hand of the year! Dan Shahin flopped a ten high straight vs. Steve Pait and it didn't take long for all the money to get into the middle. Steve turned over pocket aces, but Dan had a commanding lead with the made flop. The turn card paired tens on the board and then Dave announced that an ace would win it. Without delay, the ace showed on the river and Steve hit his runner-runner full house!

With the final points for the 2009 season up for grabs, the December game turned out to be pretty competitive. Brian Garcia came back from the felt to make a run at the top spot, but head-to-head action came down to Jeff Mazzella and Irish Steve. Jeff ended up taking down the tournament, but the good finish gave Irish the points championship for the season.

The top eight points leaders are now listed and for the second year in a row, Damon the Duck of Death Rivera has the unlucky spot on the points bubble. The final eight game will be held in January, so it should be a good way to start our seventh season of the LLWSOP!

December 5th Tournament
1st: Jeff Mazzella
2nd: Irish Steve Moorman
3rd: Brian Garcia
4th: Steve Shuffleboy Pait
5th: May Patio
6th: Bobby Glaude
7th: LA!
8th: Dean Reno
9th: Dan Shahin
10th: Mike Allen
11th: Jim Moorman
12th: Chris Johnson
13th: Amy Allen
14th: Steve Rebozzi
15th: Gina Garza
16th: Angela Wyman
17th: Donald Glaude
18th: Mike Sprugasci
19th: Jim South
20th: Shawn Gray
21st: Damon Ducks Rivera
22nd: Kevin All-in Wu
23rd: Dick Rebozzi
24th: Chris Hill
25th: Dave Sigua
26th: Ben Eufemi