Bonus Winners
Slot: Dr. Bell

Open: Dan Shahin
str8 flush

Steve Rebozzi Survives Elimination and Wins! - 3/01/08

The March LLWSOP saw many players still alive in the later rounds but the blinds eventually caught up and everyone had to gamble. Steve Rebozzi faced elimination with dominated hands at the final table, but survived with perfect flops and managed to get into head-to-head action with Mike Lassalle. Steve got his money in three times with the worst hand, but hit the right cards in two of those confrontations and Mike was down to less than one big blind. With no miracle comeback, Steve took down the March title.

We recorded four of the final hands and they are each posted on this page, so take a look at the deciding hands of the tournament by clicking on the arrows in each video box.

The next game will feature the kill bounty once again, so be prepared to defend your stack (and your dignity!)

Final Table Videos
Hand One

Hand Two

Hand Three

Hand Four

March 1st Tournament
1st: Steve Rebozzi
2nd: Mike Lassalle
3rd: Mike Allen
4th: Irish Steve Moorman
5th: Chris Johnson
6th: Damon Ducks Rivera
7th: Jim South
8th: Dick Rebozzi
9th: Amy Allen
10th: LA!
11th: Mike Dr Bell
12th: Jim Moorman
13th: Fancy Dan Shahin
14th: Gina Garza
15th: Kevin All-in Wu
16th: Action Donald Glaude
17th: Year of Pierre Lassalle