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Bonus Winners
Slot: LA!
AK876 Flush

Open: Jim South

Dean Reno Arrives! - 4/04/09

The April Little League World Series of Poker included a few themes that regular players are beginning to expect. Table two featured the mystyerious Donald Glaude and nine other players who were thrown into fits trying to figure out whether or not to call the all-in bet. Besides that, for the second month in a row Gerald Hohn volunteered for the bubble position because playing cards for five hours AND winning money would just be showing off.

Speaking of money, Stephanie Rebozzi managed to raise $134 for her Team in Training efforts and she wanted me to thank all the players who dropped some money in the bin for her.

I haven't actually kept track of this, but over the years is seems that when someone shows up for the first time at the game, they either make the money or win the whole thing. Continuing this tradition was Dean Reno who finally came out to a game after being on the invite list forever, but he made up for lost time by taking down Dick Rebozzi in head-to-head action for the April championship. Dean arrived with beer, goodies and a sharp game of hold 'em and he left with first place money and a bounty on his head!

For those of you on Wu-watch, Kevin backed up his guarantee of making the final eight table by... Not showing up. It kind of reminds you of the year-of-Pierre, which turned out to be a big disappointment. My guess is that Wu was actually doing something important. Maybe the spread limit game at Garden City?

Apr 4th Tournament
1st: Dean Reno
2nd: Dick Rebozzi
3rd: Jim Moorman
4th: Brian Garcia
5th: Gerald Hohn
6th: Jim South
7th: Irish Steve Moorman
8th: Damon Ducks Rivera
9th: Fancy Dan Shahin
10th: Stephanie Rebozzi
11th: Dave Sigua
12th: Mike Sprugasci
13th: Ken Low
14th: May Patio
15th: Chris Hill
16th: LA!
17th: Steve Pait
18th: Amy Allen
19th: Donald Glaude
20th: Chris Johnson
21st: Jeff Mazzella
22nd: Mike Dr. Bell
23rd: Ben Eufemi
24th: Bobby Glaude
25th: Mike Allen
26th: Joe Mangini
27th: Paul Chinn