Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish Steve

Open: Steve Shuffleboy Pait

Mike Allen? Again? - 5/02/09

Yup. Mike Allen is hogging up all the wins, and Dave Sigua and Irish Steve couldn't do anything about it! The top three were unlikely finishers for the May game because all of them were among the smallest stacks within the early rounds of the tournament. The top three places all hit the re-buy button before the first break, but they came back in the late rounds to finish out in the money. Dave had slight chip lead going into head-to-head action, but wasn't able to gain enough momentum to finish out the game.

The May game was filled with classic moments as Donald went all-in without looking, Chris Hill celebrated making the first break and Kevin Wu "hated poker" yet again. Table one witnessed a rare moment when Dick and Chris Johnson got into a hand with a king and two jacks on the board. Dick bet and when Chris raised, Dick folded his hand and his cards accidently flipped up. Everyone looked down and saw pocket kings for a folded top full house! It turned out that Dick was using the Fancy Dan method of imagining a different hand that you actually have and then playing it as if it were real. Actually, if you play cards long enough, you eventually fold the winner by mistake, but it's still a tough one to handle (unless you're Chris Johnson!)

This next month, the $5 individual bounty will be on! We'll also be able to follow Kevin Wu's progress on his guaranteed top 8 points finish and Mike Bell's guaranteed final table appearance. We will also be able to enjoy Steve Shuffleboy Pait's permanent shuffle status, earned at table one this month. "Oh, I guess I have a straight flush." Whatever!!!

May 2nd Tournament
1st: Mike Allen
2nd: Dave Sigua
3rd: Irish Steve Moorman
4th: Dick Rebozzi
5th: Steve Suffleboy Pait
6th: Dean Reno
7th: LA!
8th: Amy Allen
9th: Jeff Mazzella
10th: Gerald Hohn
11th: Jim South
12th: Gina Garza
13th: Ben Eufemi
14th: Chris Johnson
15th: Mike Sprugasci
16th: Djuna Woods
17th: Donald Allinguy Glaude
18th: Chris Hill
19th: Mike Bell
20th: Bobby Glaude
21st: Jim Moorman
22nd: Shawn Gray
23rd: Kevin All In Wu
24th: Fancy Dan Shahin