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One outer!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Irish Steve

Open: Irish Steve

Chris Hill Makes it Past First Break! - 8/01/09

How many times have you heard Chris Hill talking about simply making it to the first break? Then he wants to make it to the second break... Well, we're done with all that nonsense! The bounty is on Chris this next month and plenty of people are lining up to collect!

Over at table three, the big talk in the first rounds involved Chris scooping a huge pot off Jim Moorman when his 2/7off beat pocket 6's on the flop. Later in the game, Chris got it all in with A/J vs the pocket aces of Irish Steve and even though an ace flopped, the board went runner-runner straight for Chris. Just a few hands later, Chris got it in with pocket aces vs. TWO players, both with pocket kings. To top it off, he caught a one out straight flush on the turn in the final rounds!

I don't know what the odds are for all of that happening in one game, but it guaranteed the win for Chris who not only made it past the first and second breaks, but also the third! The good news is that the bounty is on Chris and if the game goes back to normal, I can go back to making fun of Steve Pait!

August 1st Tournament
1st: Chris Hill
2nd: Mike Hodson
3rd: Brian Garcia
4th: Ben Eufemi
5th: Jeff Mazzella
6th: Irish Steve Moorman
7th: LA!
8th: Steve Suffleboy Pait
9th: Fancy Dan Shahin
10th: Djuna Woods
11th: Bobby Glaude
12th: Gerald Hohn
13th: Jim South
14th: May Patio
15th: Shawn Gray
16th: Chris Johnson
17th: Dave Sigua
18th: Damon Ducks Rivera
19th: Kevin All-in Wu
20th: Ken Low
21st: Mike Sprugasci
22nd: Katie Lea
23rd: Dick Rebozzi
24th: Jim Moorman
25th: Donald Glaude