Bonus Winners
Slot: Ducks Rivera

Open: Amy Allen

Dan Shahin Finally Awake Enough to Win! - 08/04/07

Every month, players at the LLWSOP endured Dan's stories of how "tired" he was because of his sales, or sidewalk events, or trips to Taco Bravo. It was obvious that he just needed a scapegoat for his poor play, but this month we didn't hear any of that. Not only did Dan win the bounty AND the tournament, he was also featured on the front page of the Willow Glen Resident. To say the least, players are patiently waiting until next month for the new, juicy bounty target.

Falling second to Dan was Ken Low who built up a pretty large chip lead after being absent from the LLWSOP for a few months. Part of that big stack came when Irish Steve's two pair was counterfeited by Ken's ace high. This wasn't just bad luck though because there was some sort of sinister plot undertaken by Shawn Gray who just hung around and "wanted to deal" for us. Investigations are proceeding slowly.

In three way action, Ken's big stack faced competition from Dan and the Duck of Death. Ken was hesitant to play his $5,000 plaque and in a LLWSOP first, it was confiscated due to "lack of use" by tournament officials. Even when it was eventually returned, it wasn't enough to survive Dan's continual all-in bets. Did I mention that Dan is the bounty next month?

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped to celebrate the summer birthdays. I also share the season with Dan, Mike Lassalle and Dr. Bell, but it didn't seem to help my game!

August 4th Tournament
1st: Dan "The Man" Shahin
2nd: Ken Low
3rd: Duck of Death Rivera
4th: Amy Allen
5th: Jim Moorman
6th: Steve Pait
7th: Chris Johnson
8th: Jim South
9th: Irish Steve Moorman
10th: Dick Rebozzi
11th: Mike Allen
12th: Donald Glaude
13th: LA!
14th: Shawn Gray
15th: All-In Wu
16th: Chris Hill
17th: Pierre Lassalle