Jacen Rivera Takes Title in August! - 08/12/06

The August Little League World Series of Poker brought out the most players that we have had in one tournament this year. With only four games left in the season, everyone was hoping to finish well in the big game and take down some points for the leader board.

Mike "Dr." Bell was able to collect the bounty as Dan "The Man" Shahin cracked under the pressure and went out early. Only a few people went out in the early rounds, but as the blinds increased, the field narrowed to the last nine players.

Play at the final table started off tight and Mike Lassalle was able to shed his previous "bubble-boy" finish to find himself in the money this month. Three-way action featured a shootout between Teymour, Irish Steve and Jacen. After Teymour was eliminated, head-to-head action came down to just a single hand where Irish Steve's AQ was beat when Jacen flopped a straight with J9.

The poker room is now featuring new lighting, the new poker machine and also the fabulous Copag cards! Everyone is already looking forward to the September game and hopefully we'll have another great event!

Aug 12th Tournament
1st: Jacen Rivera
2nd: "Irish" Steve Moorman
3rd: Teymour Ansari
4th: Mike Lassalle
5th: Steve Pait
6th: Ken Low
7th: Steve Rebozzi
8th: Mike Bell
9th: Damon Rivera
10th: Dick Rebozzi
11th: Houman!
12th: Chris Hill
13th: Tabi-Roni
14th: LA!
15th: Chris Johnson
16th: Doug Leresche
17th: Donald Glaude
18th: Jim South
19th: Dan "The Man" Shahin
20th: Pierre Lassalle
21th: Jim Moorman