Bounty Winner!

Bonus Winners
Slot: Chris Hill

Open: Jim Moorman

Chris Johnson Wins With Double Elimination! - 11/6/10

For those who stuck around for the finish of the November tournament, they were rewarded with the best finish ever! The game was down to three players, Steve Shuffleboy Pait, Bonnie Edens and chip leader Chris Johnson. Steve Pait was all-in with pocket sixes, Bonnie called with ace/queen and then Chris took on both of them with pocket tens!

The flop rewarded Bonnie with aces up and it looked like Steve would be eliminated in third while Chris doubled up Bonnie. The turn gave no help to the pocket pairs, but the turn gave Chris the magic two outer ten that he was looking for! With the turn of a single card, Bonnie and Steve were finished and Chris secured the win with a double knockout!

The December game is here at last! Not only is it the final game of the season, but it's also the annual holiday gathering potluck game. You can bring anything, but players traditinally bring something that contains their initials. One of my favorites was the jello shooters brought by Jim South. Everything starts at 5:00pm, so come early and enjoy the food!

November 6th Tournament
1st: Chris Johnson
2nd: Steve Shuffleboy Pait
3rd: Bonnie Edens
4th: Eugene KGB
5th: LA!
6th: Jim South
7th: May Patio
8th: Jim Moorman
9th: Amy Allen
10th: John Sunseri
11th: Damon Ducks Rivera
12th: Ed Edens
13th: Jeff Mazzella
14th: Dave Sigua
15th: Brian Garcia
16th: Mike Allen
17th: Chris Hill
18th: Irish Steve Moorman
19th: Stacey Adam
20th: Mike Dr. Bell
21st: Kevin All-in Wu
22nd: Fancy Dan Shahin
23rd: Mike Sprugasci
24th: Ben Eufemi